Backup with confidence!

Krazys has a large selection of backup camera solutions available for all types of vehicles. Adding cameras to your vehicle helps prevent damage, injury and even loss of life. There are many ways to add a camera to your vehicle:

Integrate With A Factory Color Screen

Factory Backup Camera If you drive a vehicle with a color screen in the dash, we likely have a solution to integrate a backup camera image onto your factory display. It will look and operate like it came installed from the vehicle manufacturer.


Install A New Stereo System

The third option that appeals to many people is replacing your existing stereo system in the dash with a new one that includes a color touchscreen. You not only gain a beautiful display for your backup camera, but you also add modern technology to older vehicles or lower trim line models.

Popular upgrades you can add include Bluetooth, GPS navigation, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, SiriusXM and USB ports.

Add A New Rearview Mirror

A second popular option is to replace your existing rearview mirror with that has an embedded LCD display in it. Under normal conditions, your mirror looks and acts like the original one. But when the transmission is put into reverse, the monitor comes to life! It displays the image from the backup camera onto a portion of the mirror.

Standalone Monitor Options

Our last option is adding a stand-alone monitor to your vehicle. We have found these to be very popular in commercial applications as the driver can have a big, rugged display. This can be very helpful for vehicles that spend a lot of time on the road every day.

  • We have multiple screen sizes and mounting options to suit almost any need.

Backup Camera Styles

 Once an option is chosen to display the image, now you need to choose the actual camera. First and foremost, our products will deliver picture quality and give you years of reliable service.

License plate mounted cameras are a popular option, as are lip mounted cameras. We also have cameras that get flushed into a body panel and ones that have an angled mount.

Do you own a pickup? Would you like your camera to be mounted in the tailgate handle like a factory model? We have you covered.

Parking Sensor Systems

An alternative to a camera system is a parking sensor system. Instead of a camera, these systems use several ultrasonic sensors to detect the presence of objects.

These sensors emit a very high-frequency signal, then measure how long it takes for that signal to bounce off an object and return to a receiving sensor built into the same small unit. These sensors are typically installed on the rear bumper of your vehicle. When installed properly, they do a great job of detecting even small objects like the post of a sign. This method of object detection is the same as what bats use for navigation.

 How a parking sensor system works varies by brand. Some systems have a small display that shows you which sensor has detected an object and how far you are from that object.

Most systems use a small beeper or buzzer to alert you to the presence of an object. The system will emit a beeping sound when it detects an object. The speed of the beeps increases as you get closer to the object. The warning beeps usually switch to a solid tone once you are within 12 inches of an object.

Parking Sensor Systems

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